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1. Crisis Stablization

Individualized Services

With our organization’s mission of reducing recidivism always in mind, we strive to help men transition from crisis to stability. 

SHIELD Ministries provides food, bedding, clothing, shelter, assistance with transportation to  health and mental health appointments and assists men with obtaining healthcare along with assistance in obtaining identification.

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Munissions Re-entry Software

  • Centralized and Up-to-Date Data Insights

  • Detailed Program Progress and Attendance Tracking

  • Intuitive Client Meeting Documentation

  • Personalized Reporting and Case Plan Builder

  • Holistic Risk/Needs Analysis

  • Comprehensive Assessment Measures

    • ​Assessments which puts clients data through an algorithm to predict risk of recidivism 

      • SUBSTANCE USE -  This assessment captures a participants’ past and present substance use, as well as the severity of a participants substance use issue(s). This assessment determines whether or not a participant needs substance use treatment i.e., onsite AA meetings or addiction counseling.

      • MENTAL HEALTH - This assessment captures a participants’ current mental well-being. It provides insight into their past mental health diagnoses, including severity and how strong their mental health currently is. This assessment guides referral recommendations to mental health treatment options.

      • LIFE STABLIZERS - This assessment provides insight into a participant's education and employment background, as well as current income and financial obligations. This assessment can be used to determine a participants’ job skills, motivation to work and financial responsibility.

      • SOCIAL/FAMILIAL ISSUES, DIRECT TRAUMA ASSESSMENT: COGNITIVE AND BEHAVORIAL THINKING - These assessments can identify social connections, past traumas and mindset for counseling referrals. In addition, participants are required to participate in cognitive behavioral learning classes and can assist the participant in identifying  areas of concentration.

2. Community Involvement

Reduces Recidivism

Make a Difference and Give Back Word Clo

Community Involvement encompasses two primary areas:

1. Engaging with and referring to local and state agencies to provide provide support needed to ensure student success.   This includes medical and mental health care providers, Social Security Administration, Legal and SC Parole, Probation, and Pardon Services.  This also includes assisting men with the help of Aaron Parks Insurance Agency to enroll in government sponsored health care insurance programs which may cover the cost of a drug and alcohol dependency inpatient rehabilitation program.

2. Participate in community law enforcement initiatives which are designed to understand and reduce recidivism such as the Charleston County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council and serving as a panelist during the 2023 South Carolina Criminal Justice System Conference.

3. Cognitive Learning & Life Skills

Learning How To Learn

Men learn how to think, feel, and choose correctly.  Men learn how to break thinking patterns that led to their past  choices which led to devastation in their outcomes.  The men learn how to break cycles and how to create new healthy patterns of thinking which lead to making better decisions.

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4. Workforce Development

What exactly is it?

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Manager and Worker
CDL On the Road Training

The Workforce Development services includes:  

Students begin on temporary assignments where they have opportunities to secure gainful employment. Work Ready 100 and 101, and Career Ready readiness program where men learn how to be assets to their employer through  learning how to be good employees through character and soft skills development.   Local business owners participate in job panels in Work Ready 101 to help the men understand the characteristics and success factors that employers are seeking in their employees.

Commercial Driver's Training:  Men in the Program apply for the CDL Program and are screened to ensure that they meet the qualifications for this 2 step program.  

5. Spiritual Development

The process of examining beliefs

Men begin to learn and apply Biblically based principals in which they learn to value God's creation and take responibility and become accountable for their thoughts and actions.

SHIELD Ministries provides weekly worship services.   Many who are  in the sex offender population are restricted from attending churches so they are able to worship onsite.  

Men go through the Healing from Damaged Emotions and Healing of Memories classes (learning material by Dr. David Seamands along with learning Dr. Caroline Leaf's and other evidence based Brain Detox Principles.

Men break through the barriers that keep them from experiencing the relationship of being a child of God, the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, and walking in the Truth of Christ Jesus.

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