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 There are many impacts that just cannot be measured.  Transformation, Healing, and Hope are the top 3 that truly are beyond measurement.  We offer our sincerest gratitude for all of the community support we receive as we celebrate 15 years of service!


“The men at SHIELD Ministries have an overall lower recidivism rate and are more compliant with treatment and probation parameters than the average offender in Charleston County (as well as the Tri-County Area).”

~ Dr. William Burke, Ph.D., Director of Southeastern Assessments, Clinical Director of the MUSC/SEA SO Treatment Program

  0% 2019

  1.3%  2018

Recidivism Rate of Shield Ministries Program Graduates for 2018  was 1.3%.


Recidivism Rate of Shield Ministries Program Graduates for 2019  was 0%.


1.3% 2019

17.5%  2018


Recidivism Rate of Shield Ministries Program Admits for 2019 was 1.3%.


Recidivism Rate of Shield Ministries Program Admits for 2018 was 17.5%.


The National Institute of Justice reports: that National Statistics on Recidivism:

"Forty-four percent of released prisoners were arrested during the first year following release."*




Economic Impact since 2017

98% of the Men who enter the program only have the clothes on their back.  Through the Crisis Stabilization process men typically begin working at one of the four nearby temporary employment agencies by day three of the program.

Shield Ministries program is operated at no cost to the government.

Estimated Economic impact is based on the following:

1. Prison cost savings

     a. $70.78 per prisoner per day (2019)

     b. $64.96 per prisoner per day (2018)

     c. $57.33 per prisoner per day (2017)

2. Men's Wages

Their wages provide the resources to pay (if applicable)

     a. child support

     b. restitution

     c. probation fees

     d. ankle monitor fees

     c. registry fees

     d. court ordered counseling fees

     e. Program fees

     f. Purchasing power


Unrealized impacts for various state, county, and federal agencies are savings of time in referring men to the Shield Ministries Program.  Many of these referrals require approved addresses in which options are extremely scarce.

Numerous studies has shown that ex-offenders who are able to secure employment are less likely to be re-arrested. "Over 10,000 prisoners are released from jail every week in the United States, according to the Department of Justice. Two-thirds are rearrested within three years. Academics have looked at numerous factors that may explain this recidivism rate. An academic study worth reading: “Local Labor Markets and Criminal Recidivism,” published by the Journal of Public Economics in December, 2016."

crisis stablization

“The majority of the men who enter Shield Ministries only enter with the clothes on their back.  During the check-in process, the men are given pillows, blankets, sheets, hygiene packets are able to select food from our food pantry.  

Shield Ministries partners with Lowcountry Food Bank and receives generous donations from the food overflow in which Delancy Street (SC Strong) contributes.

8,839 2019

Meals Provided


21,834 provided since 2016

79 2019

Trips to Agencies

Regulatory Compliance

Support Services


2,375 provided since 2016

     35 2019

Hygiene Packets Given Out


269 provided since 2016

35 2019

Bedding Packs Issued


189 provided since 2016

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