Small Gifts

A little hand clenched reached over to me in the dark movie theater and said "Here Meme." I leaned over and asked, what is it? Butterfly, my 3-year old granddaughter replied sweetly, "Popcorn". I asked, why are you giving this to me? Butterfly's responded, "I want you to have some." I reached out and took the 3 popcorn pieces and ate it. That popcorn was the best tasting popcorn I have ever eaten!

That seemingly small gift was an enormous display of Butterfly's love for her Meme. Butterfly loves popcorn and yes, Butterfly loves her Meme! I immediately heard the Lord say, "This is how I desire for my children to give, to give from a pure heart, a little of what I have given them, a little of what they have as an expression of love to Me."

I pondered what the Lord was saying and in those moments as I reflected that I had purchased the popcorn and requested a small bag for both Butterfly and her sister, River. I took from my own popcorn bag and put it in their bag. I hear the Spirit say, "Everything that you have is the Lord's." My Abba Father softly whispers to me, "I just love it when My children give back to Me as an expression of love! And what do I do with it, I in turn give them more, more to love them with and more for them love Me with!"

I have to be honest, I could not help but think about our men at Shield Ministries. We have been given a God-Sized task of building a 84 bed facility that will double our bed space, be an emergency shelter for men on Probation Supervision, expand our Workforce Development activites, life skills classes and spiritual development, all of which the Lord has purposed and planed for our Community to build and operate. Our Shield Participants have sacrificially, donated to date a total of $1,316.00 towards The Community of Hope Project! I heard the Lord say again, "I love it when My children give back to me as an expression of love!"

The Lord continued to speak, "I desire to display, My love and goodness through My Body, My People, from all areas of this community. This project will be a unique, expression of My Love which will bring hope to many, participants and givers alike."

Our Board of Trustees, staff, and volunteers are humbled at the opportunity to be co-laborers with the Lord in such an historic work of great magnitude of the Lord. It has been said that Shield Ministries are running towards a Giant, while most others are running around or away!" Our desire is to see what and how and who God will bring about to accomplish this project. The excitment and anticipation reminds me of being a child at Christmas, waiting for gifts to come as we wait to see the next person, government official, business, the nonprofit, the church all of those whom God will send to accomplish His plans for this, His Community of Hope Project!

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