Healing for Damaged Emotions, Healing of Memories

The Lord has used these two books by Dr. David Seamands, along with Spiritual Counselor, Chaplain David Golden to provide a vehicle for men to be healed from the inception of this ministry.

Pastor David Truluck recalls the work of the Holy Spirit in his life as he walked through this healing process facilitated by Chaplain Golden: "I remember the helpless and hopeless feeling I had as I began to deal with the woundedness of my past. For over 30 years I had blocked out the painful memories of the abuse I had suffered as a child. Then, as I was facing the reality of my life, my marriage, my world, falling apart, these memories came flooding back, creating in me mental and emotional anguish that only Jesus Christ could heal. He chose to do this work through Healing of Damaged Emotions and Healing of Memories, using Chaplain David Golden to facilitate that work.

I met with Chaplain Golden for the first time in July of 2002. I had come home from work, and because of the circumstances I was going through, I was hopeless and on the verge of suicide. My wife called the Chaplain's office and arranged for us to meet. That was the beginning of a life long mentorship with Chaplain Golden and a deep personal and emotional encounter and journey with Jesus Christ.

Chaplain Golden and I met each week, sometimes twice a week, as he guided me through the healing process. Both Healing of Damaged Emotions and Healing of Memories gave me the insight, the courage, and the ability to deal with the painful memories of my past, receive the healing Jesus Christ had for me, and move forward in the calling Jesus has on my life.

I know from personal experience the powerful healing available to those who read these books and encounter the healing grace of Jesus Christ. It was not an easy process, but because of the healing, I am fully equipped and able to accomplish that which Jesus Christ has called me to and I am able to assist other men experience this healing as well."

In 2015, we came to the realization how the Lord had designed this program to be a comprehensive healing process with both of Dr. Seamands books on healing, Dr. Carolyn Leaf's Brain Detox, Celebrate Recovery, and the Mentorship Program held by His Way Ministries. We found Dr. Leaf's brain research a fascinating revelation of God's detail design of our mind and our brains.

There are things in our lives that God may deliver us from pretty quickly but the more the time that has past where we have not allowed God total access those things that need healing the longer it takes to go through the process. We try to avoid pain at all cost instead of hitting it head on and allowing God to facilitate the spiritual surgery that we so desperately need. We have learned from Dr. Leaf's Who Switched Off My Brain, that it takes 3 cycles of 21 days (63 total) to break a bad habit, meaning destroy and overwrite the damaged in the brain from not "thinking, choosing, and building correctly".

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