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Typically it takes a man who enters the program two weeks to become stabilized, moving from incarceration with the clothes on his back to assessment of needs, meeting regulatory compliance requirements, securing  identification,  and scheduling agency appointments.  

Please consider giving to help men get a Good Start by sponsoring a New Participant for either their first week of program fees $150 or for two weeks with a $300 donation.

An average cost of $21.43 per day for each man  to participate in the Shield Ministries  Program. 


The program teaches men accountability and responsibility. Program participants are housed, given hygiene packets, bedding, and two shopping trips per week in our food pantry.  Men who need clothing are taken to a thrift shop to purchase clothes paid by Shield Ministries.  Shield Men receive assessment of needs with appropriate agency referral information  to address any physical, medical or mental concerns and to secure identification and agency employment referrals. 


The majority of the participants are estranged from family and list Shield as next of kin.  In the event of a medical emergency a Staff Member goes to the ER not only providing medical release forms to attending physicians but for participant support as 


Shield men are  provided cell phone internet monitoring and transportation to meet initial Regulatory Compliance check ins, as well as assistance in understanding their Regulatory requirements. 


All class books and materials are provided for the  life skill classes.  Spiritual Counseling, referrals to Low Country Biblical Counseling, Worship Service and Bibles are made available free of any charge. 


Additional services are Celebrate Recovery graduation meals, Jobs for Life Class meals, various special event catered meals such as Thanksgiving and Christmas Ministry events.  Additionally, the men are fed their favorite dishes at Christmastime and are given gifts that they have provided on their wish list.  Shield Ministries has also provided memorial services support and meals to honor participants who have passed away and had no other relatives and for participants who have had a loved one pass away and were unable to attend the funeral.

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